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Jamal Mahjoub

Jamal Mahjoub is an award winning writer of mixed British/Sudanese heritage. Born in London, he was raised in Khartoum where the family remained until 1990. He was awarded a scholarship to study in England and attended university in Sheffield. He has lived in a number of places, including the UK, Denmark and currently, Spain. He writes in English.


Interview with the intrepid John Crace in The Guardian; "Excellent crime novel ...  More please." Literary Review 1/02/2013 ;

"Enthralling crime fiction.. Absolutely recommended." Lynn Harvey in Eurocrime

"Like all the best crime fiction, Bilal's story has a depth and resonance which stretches far beyond its cast of characters into the wider world." The Independent.


NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW by Marilyn Stasio:

"SINCE WE CAN’T count on visiting Cairo right now , we might as well binge on Parker Bilal’s atmospheric mysteries set in that city and featuring his distinctive private detective, a Sudanese refugee known as Makana...

...In THE GHOST RUNNER (Bloomsbury, $27) , the third book in this excellent series, a prominent lawyer hires Makana to look into the hideousdeath of a 17-year-old girl, the daughter of Musab Muhamed Khayr, a radical Islamist who may have recently returned from exile. If her death was, as it seems, an honor killing, then her own father might have set the house fire that became her funeral pyre.

To get to the truth, Makana travels to Musab’s family home in Siwa, an oasis town deep in the desert, full of ugly secrets. The story is set in the unsettled period during the Israeli invasion of the West Bank , which allows Bilal to write in great depth and detail about Egypt’s turbulent political landscape. But it’s the tragic story of one girl that really captures the climate of fear and rage that has come to define life in a perpetual war zone."

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