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  • The Independent on Sunday

    The Drift Latitudes

    "By understanding that life is improvised on fundamental themes like belonging and knowledge of self, Mahjoub has made an illuminating statement about the human condition. His combination of sharp lateral thinking, structural ingenuity and descriptive power paints a vivid picture of identities in flux, cities as fluid, imagined spaces, the sea as a fixed backdrop of moving, timeless tales." Read more
  • The Daily Telegraph

    The Drift Latitudes

    "We're becoming used to enormous novels that survey families stretched out across centuries and the ruins of empires. The Drift Latitudes covers lots of the globe, and moves from now back to 1918. [...] The extraordinary thing about this example of the genre is that it's so short. " Read more
  • The Guardian

    Travelling with Djinns

    “[His] novels are perceptive and erudite explorations of Sudanese history and the links between Europe and Africa. Travelling with Djinns promises to bring a humane and original voice to a larger readership.” Read more
  • Le Monde

    LE TRAIN DES SABLES (In The Hour of Signs)

    "Sous un soleil d'enfer, une ligne de rails se répand entre rocs et pierres avec la fluidité du mercure. Il s'agit de construire une voie ferrée dans le désert de Nubie, enfoncer un million de piquets de métal jusqu'au cœur du sous-sol conquis, ancrer la colonisation britannique au pays des afareet (djinns jaillis de la fumée) et des bachi-bouzouks." Read more
  • World Literature Today


    "Jamal Mahjoub is without doubt one of the most cosmopolitan and multifaceted figures on the contemporary Sudanese literary scene. [...] His prolific and critically acclaimed literary production has yielded him enough recognition to place him firmly in the footsteps of such pioneers of Sudanese literature as Tayeb Salih, whose writings put Sudan on the map of twentieth-century literature." Read more

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