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Other writing: There Will Be Blood: Khartoum 2009

There will be Blood  

"When I first came back, after all those years away, I had no idea what awaited me. I expected the city I once knew to have been swept away by the passage of time. I might come across a few vague traces scattered like fossilised relics, but they would be minutae that meant little to anyone but myself. So, I was astonished at how much had not changed. Underneath the surface was the city I remembered. As I walked around, fragments of lost memory came back to me, as if I had simply left them on such and such corner and now discovered they were still there. Streets and squares, cinemas and shop signs, my old school, all the worse for wear, but still. Even faces. I found people who remembered me, some of them very dear. I began to experience a strange sense of guilt, having been a negligent and ungrateful son for all those years. I had grown to depend on my imagination, I realised, reconstructing the city in my absence, inventing streets and corners, places, people and stories that did not exist."

picture of khartoum elections

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