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Other writing: Salamanca

Transition Magazine

The Best American Essays 2008 

(Ed. A. Gopnik) Houghton Miflin Harcourt, 2008
ISBN 978-0-618-98331-5


"...The couple walked in through the door hand in hand, her leading him, like a pair of children who had just stepped out of one of those fables my mother used to read to us when we were small. These two had obviously grown, however, quite at odds to one another. She was a tiny wizened figure in her seventies, while he had shot up in height rather than age, sprouting from the ground like some magical beanshoot. A tower rising into the sky, a tall brown, half-naked geniegiant - his only concession to the ways of the city being a skimpy pair of red shorts with the number eight on one leg. The white woman led him along like an overgrown child, her prize. Behind them they trailed a string of curious followers scatteredpicked up like human breadcrumbs dotting their route. They thronged the doorway, shoving one another aside. A couple of lithe boys managed to extricate themselves from the crush and tumbled to a halt just inside the entrance, mouths agape, their boxes of chewing gum and strings of lollipops all but forgotten, hanging limply from senseless fingers. The rest contented themselves with pressing their faces intently to the window, hands cupped to their foreheads againstto cut out the glare, as if making it look as if they were praying." 

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