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  • Guernica Magazine, www.guernicamag.com

    GUERNICA / A Magazine of Art and Politics: “There is nothing quite like Guernica, where you can find an extraordinary bouquet of stories, poems, social commentary, and art. It is always a pleasure to read.”--Howard Zinn. The link takes you to an article by Jamal Mahjoub

  • PALFEST, www.palfest.org

    The Palestinian Festival fo Literature. "The power of culture over the culture of power"

  • Bidoun Magazine, www.bidoun.com

    Very stylish and informed magazine on what happening in art and culture in the Arab world; the link features Jamal Mahjoub interviewing actor Alexander Siddig.

  • Making Sense of Sudan, SSRC

    The Social Science Research Council webpage on Sudan. Broad range of well informed views. The SSRC is an independent nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of social science research and scholarship. Founded in New York City in 1923.

  • Kwani?, Kwani maganize's website

    Great journal published in Nairobi, featuring excellent articles on politics and culture - both fiction and non-fiction.

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