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  • Home And Away

    Enfants de la balle

    "The first thing that struck me about the kid was the stink..." Read more
  • Last Thoughts on the Medusa

    Wasafiri magazine, December 2008

    ...A scarf is waving high up in the bow. A dark figure silhouetted against the sky, shouting at the dying light of day as these men, who are no more than lean boys, try to raise themselves above the waves to glimpse the miracle. A ship? What difference could it make now? Read more
  • The Laws of Infinite Reach

    Moving Worlds

    "....Operation Infinite Reach was the codename for the operation that launched a wave of intelligent hardware at us." Read more
  • The Carrier

    Phoenix House, 1998

    "The legend that is Algiers awaits. Its strange and tenacious roots tangle in the imagination. It is like a mysterious unexplored body to be unraveled layer after layer by the hands of an experienced lover. ... A city that lives and breathes salt water and blood, perched precariously between reckless flight and the fall of utter ruin." Read more

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