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Books: Wings of Dust

English cover of Wings of Dust  
  • Publisher:

    Heinemann African Writers Series
  • Edition:

    Oxford 1994
  • Pages:

  • Language:

  • ISBN:



Sharif Turab finds himself wandering the world, exiled from his native Sudan. Exiled in a delapidated hotel in South-West France, he looks back on his life. Memories of a bohemian existence in England and France, a time of love affairs and dissipation are set against the changing political situation of his Sudanese homeland. The experience of his own nation, with the promise of independence, is echoed in Sharif's life. With sardonic humour Sharif describes the wealth of characters who have passed through his life. Yet how can he make sense of this life as everything he believes in begins to crumble? Read more

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