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Books: Travelling with Djinns

Travelling with djins  
  • Publisher:

    Chatto & Windus
  • Edition:

    London 2006
  • Pages:

  • ISBN:



When Yasin is faced with divorce the life he has created for himself, tentatively balanced between East and West, appears to be about to come crashing down on him. Taking his son Leo with him on the road, he drives off across Europe to buy himself some time to make sense of himself and the world his son is going to grow up in. A comic and philosophical novel that explores ideas of belonging and identity in an age characterised by how we choose to define ourselves in the face of hardening lines and porous borders. Read more


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    Lą d'oł je viens

    Actes Sud 2004

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    Viajando con djinns

    Alfaguara 2004

  • Cinlerle Yolculuk|Yapi Kredi Yayinlari 2005


    Cinlerle Yolculuk

    Yapi Kredi Yayinlari 2005

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