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Books: The Golden Scales

The Golden Scales  
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    Bloomsbury Publishing 2012
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“A subtle and politically observant thriller. Makana is a highly original investigator who immediately engages our sympathies and whose future exploits I am keen to follow. Parker Bilal's character-driven storytelling is reminiscent of Simenon at his restrained best” – Conor Fitzgerald

“The Golden Scales shows modern Cairo as a superbly exciting, edgy and dangerous setting for crime fiction. Parker Bilal has delivered an absorbing, complex lively novel to match” – The Times

“Richly evocative ... It delivers much more than efficient intrigue ... We see and feel all the drama of Egypt on the brink of change” – Independent

“Bilal deftly weaves past and present in this complex and compelling mystery set in 1998 Cairo ... Wonderfully detailed, the narrative reveals Cairo as a teaming, chaotic, and ungovernable. One looks forward to the sequel” – Publisher's Weekly

“Bilal's powers of description and his sensible, wryly compassionate leading man make this an enthralling read” – Guardian

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